Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It’s all right if you finally stop caring
Just don’t go and tell someone that does

When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there’s nothing to write about
but radishes.

Matsuo Basho

Granted, I know I’m old and all, but I swear I think that whole Bruce Springsteen “Glory Days” thing just sailed right over some people’s heads.

"What happens if one desires to practice useless skills, skills that are not useful in maintaining the structure of the culture? First of all, one will not be able to acquire these skills in the usual manner. There will be no teachers provided by the culture; no training will be available. One’s desire will of necessity need be nearly an obsession. The work, the time and effort required, may seem disproportionate to the desire. One will likely decide to pursue some other skill, to alter one’s desire, to attune one’s desire to those regarded as useful by the culture.

This autodidact will learn to do things that others have no desire to do, that others are not allowed to do, that others are not able to think of doing. This is obvious from the outside looking in, but only acknowledged by the dominant culture in moods of elitist condescension. The normative reaction of the dominant culture will be derision or a haughty indifference. Structural superiority, however, permits itself the privilege of praising from a position of ignorance. This is a method that attempts to appropriate the useless. A cursory glance at recent cultural history in America alone reveals several instances of this. There is only one way around this: if one is truly committed to the practice of useless skills, one must be constantly on guard against one’s own tendencies towards usefulness.”

Useless Writing - Jim Leftwich

Secular atheist here. The closest I ever get to religion is my thing for really smart Jewish girls with dirty mouths. So yeah, there’s a very strong possibility I won’t be showing up at that church-sponsored Easter celebration you Facebook-invited me to.

Thanks for thinking of me, though.